The Heart of Core Church
Why Core Church? Why Tampa? Why did we leave close friends, family, and a great Church? Well, it certainly wasn’t the weather! I love the Tampa weather; it’s beautiful. But, we are not in Tampa because of the weather or the beaches and the sun, but because of a particular calling to see Tampa touched with the love and power of God.
We are in Tampa for These People, This Place, and This Purpose!

Core Church is about These People
No matter what was going on Jesus’ focus was always about the people. In Matthew 15:32, Jesus declared, “I have compassion for these people…I do not want to send them away hungry…” Core Church is about loving and caring for people. The very first time I came to Tampa I walked into a Panda Express and began a conversation with a young man that was lost and seeking meaning in his life. I understood at that moment that planting this church was always going to be about these people! I believe Core Church is going to be about never sending people away hungry for God and His life.

Core Church is about This Place
I recently heard about two different magazine articles that talked about Tampa. They both rated Tampa number one, but in various categories. One of them ranked Tampa as the vainest city in America, and the other rated Tampa as the most depressed city in America. These two seem to conflict with each other. How can we be the vainest and the most depressed city at the same time? Both conclusions are driven by the same force, the focus on the outside of a person while ignoring the inside or spiritual aspect of someone. Tampa Bay needs to see that the answer is not found on looking better or even acting better but becoming better. Only God can change our hearts, and that is what Core Church is about, seeing God change hearts from the inside out so that we can become better in our lives, families, and communities.

Core Church is about This Purpose
I love the quote from Elton Trueblood, “We have made at least a start in discovering the meaning in human life when we plant shade trees under which we know full well we will never sit.” The actual reality of the sense of this statement can only be seen in the meaning of human life as it pertains to our relationship with God. The purpose of Core Church was to plant a church that will continue to grow to provide ever greater spiritual shade and growth for those who, as of now, do not even understand the meaning of that tree. Our purpose was to plant so that in years to come what we planted would grow into a place where many are continually embracing the love of God and growing strong in a real relationship with him.

How can Core Church hope to fulfill such a great purpose?
Because losing heart is unacceptable and quitting is always unthinkable,
Knowing that;
Our Passion is Unquenchable,
Our Creativity is Essential,
Our Commitment is Unquestionable,
So Our Victory in Him is Inevitable!

What is the Vision and Mission of Core Church really about?
What are a vision and mission; how are they different and why do we need them? These are common questions, but important ones as we plant Core Church in the heart of Tampa.

Core Church’s Vision is to equip others in their God-given dreams to be and become all that God has for them. Just put our vision is to help people discover their path and purpose in their walk with God. This vision then focuses on seeing people come into a right relationship with Christ, which is evangelism. It also enables them to grow strong with God in every area of their life, personal, and family, which is discipleship. Finally, the vision teaches them to excel in making a difference for God in their family, community, and the world, which is leadership. Core Church’s vision is about teaching people to live in active evangelism, to grow in stronger discipleship, and to excel in real leadership.

Our Motto is Reach. Serve. Equip
To reach the world with the gospel of Christ.
To serve one another to become stronger in our relationship with Christ.
To Equip to reach the world repeating the cycle of life and faith!

Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the LORD. Psalms 102:18